Capital Contribution

When a non-condo unit is purchased, a one-time Contribution to Working Capital fee is assessed at settlement. The Heritage Hunt HOA fee is currently equivalent to 12 months of monthly assessments.  For 2023 the fee is $4,260.

When a condo unit is purchased, two separate one-time contributions to Working Capital fees are assessed at settlement: one to the condo association and one to the Heritage Hunt Homeowners Association. The condo capital contribution fees are currently equivalent to three months of monthly assessments. See below for a breakdown of Assessments and Capital Contributions 

2023 Assessment + Capital Contributions
 Annual AssessmentCapital Contribution (one time fee at settlement) Total (Annual Assessment + Capital Contribution(s)
Heritage Hunt HOA = $4,260 ($355/month) $4,260$8,520
Heritage Hunt Condo I = $4,440 ($370/month) $1,110 (Condo I) + $4,260 (HOA)$9,810
Heritage Hunt Condo II = $4,260 ($360/month) $1,080 (Condo II) + $4,260 (HOA)$9,600