Marsh Mansion in spring
Marsh Mansion Built 1967

The Marsh Mansion was built by John Marsh and his wife Hazel in 1967.

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Unoccupied House 1989 -1990

The condition of the house was deplorable. It had been unoccupied for some time since it had been sold to a developer in 1989-1990 before reverting to Riggs Bank. The doors had not even been locked during this period after the initial developer left. There had been no heat or electricity for several years and it had become, in Jerry's words, "a big wildlife preserve." Birds, deer, foxes, groundhogs, mice (alive and dead) and raccoons greeted Jerry, his secretary Kathy Galliher, and Vice President of Construction Tracy Morris when they arrived to establish the Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club office.

Heritage Hunt aerial view
Initial Development of Heritage Hunt 1997

Zoning approval: With the Prince William County Board of Supervisors' zoning approval in June 1997 for the Melbourne and Marsh tracts that had been purchased by U. S. Home from Riggs Bank, the development of Heritage Hunt entered a new phase. Following the July 31, 1997, settlement Jerry Berman planned to move from the U. S. Home Virginia regional office in South Riding into the Marsh Mansion on Catharpin Road.

golf green with sand trap nearby
Commence Golf Course Construction 1998

Horse Rehabilitation Facility: Even though the company that purchased the estate from Mr. and Mrs. Marsh was not able to develop the property as planned, it leased the farm to a Maryland operator who continued to operate Marsh Farms as a thoroughbred rehabilitation facility and grew hay until the golf course construction began in the spring of 1998.