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The course is laid out to provide just the right experience both for the experienced golfer and for one who is just starting out. With an amazing staff, putting green, driving range, pro shop and food/beverage service, Heritage Hunt Golf and Country Club has become highlighted as one of the best golf clubs in Northern Virginia.

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hole 17
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While implementing our standards, we will enhance the golfers experience by minimizing the impact on the golfers round by adhering to the accepted rules of golf course etiquette. We will follow the "Golden Rule" of do to others as you would want them to do for you.

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Heritage Hunt Golf and Country Club offers a variety of golf memberships to both residents and non-residents of Heritage Hunt.

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Equipment, Apparel, Accessories and Gift Items.
The pro shop is the place to find our qualified instructional team members for lessons. We look forward to helping you improve your game.

Tune-Up Your Game
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Golf Members get Unlimited access to our practice facilities.
Our practice facilities include a challenging putting green, two chipping greens with bunkers, and our driving range has a state-of-the-art hitting surface.

Hole By Hole
hole 1
Hole One

Par 4

The approach shot to the green plays longer than it looks. Make sure to hit plenty of club
to clear the bunkers on the right side of the green.

Hole 1
hole 2
Hole two

Par 4

This hole is ideal for a left to right tee shot. Start the ball at the left side bunkers and let it work back to the right to take advantage of the fairway contour.

Hole 2
hole 3
Hole three

Par 5

This hole offers one of the few chances on the course of reaching a par 5 in 2 shots. Your tee shot aiming point should be just to the right of the large tree. Play away from the two small bunkers near and in front of the 100 yard marker. This hole provides a good opportunity for birdie or eagle.

Hole 3
hole 4
Hole four

Par 5

The most infamous hole on the course. It is very difficult to carry the stream in 2 shots. Laying up leaves approximately 160 yards over a pond to a well bunkered green. Favor the right side of the fairway on your second shot to have a clear angle to the green.

Hole 4
hole 5
Hole five

Par 4

Avoid the fairway bunkers on the left. They have very steep lips which force a lay up well short of the green.

Hole 5
Hole six

Par 3

Hitting the green here is paramount because everything drops off around it. Pay close attention to the pin position. The green is very long, front to back.

Hole 6
Hole seven

Par 4

Penalty area left and OB right. Focus on your tee shot target line. Stay below the hole if the pin is on the right side.

Hole 7
Hole eight

Par 4

The ideal tee shot is to play slightly right to left avoiding the lake. The green slopes left to right so downhill putts are very quick.

Hole 8
Hole nine

Par 3

The bunker in front of the green is like a magnet and very difficult to get out. Make sure to hit enough club to carry this bunker.

Hole 9
Hole ten

Par 4

Straightforward par 4. Great hole to unleash a tee shot. Play away from the left green side bunker.

Hole 10
Hole eleven

Par 3

Very difficult green to hit. Make a good read on your first putt because if you are incorrect, you will likely leave yourself a six footer.

Hole 11
Hole twelve

Par 5

Favoring the left side on your second shot leaves a better angle to the hole. Beware of the severe slope on the back left of the green.

Hole 12
Hole thirteen

Par 4

Favor the left side of the fairway. The green is very tricky and slopes front to back toward the lake. Make sure to lag your putts here.

Hole 13
Hole fourteen

Par 5

Use the tall tree just beyond the center of the fairway as your aiming point. Most players will have to lay up short of the penalty rea on their second shot. This will leave a shot of approximately 130 yards to the green.

Hole 14
Hole fifteen

Par 4

This hole is more uphill than it looks and plays longer than you would think. Take an extra club as you hit the green so you do not come up short.

Hole 15
Hole sixteen

Par 4

This hole provides a little relief after a tough stretch of holes. Long hitters will be able to get very close to this green with their tee shot. A good chance for birdie is available here.

Hole 16
Hole seventeen

Par 4

A lay up short of the penalty area will be required here. Favor the left side of the green on your approach. If the pin is back right, you will need plenty of club to get there.

Hole 17
Hole eighteen

Par 3

A picturesque hole to finish the round. Pay close attention to the pin position here as it will affect club selection.

Hole 18
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Golf Safety

Your safety is our utmost concern, simple directions can be found on the all golf course score cards.

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Guest Information

Our mission is to provide a golf facility which enhances the Heritage Hunt community and its reputation, is aesthetically pleasing to all residents, enjoyable to play for golfers of all skill levels, while maximizing the use of all natural and fiscal resources.

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 John Yancy John Yancy Head Golf Professional
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