Course Safety

"Golfer Down!" Handling Medical Emergencies on the Golf Course Seems like a no-brainer just call 911, right? Yes, partly right but there is more to it. The 911 operator will ask you for an address. You say, "I am on the 14th hole." Operator, "Sir, I need an address." You have no idea what road or house you are near. Time is wasting. This is an emergency. Your fellow golfer needs immediate help. What to do?

The Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC), Golf Committee, Golf Pro Shop, the Golf Course Superintendent, Up To Par, LLC, and Station 4 of the County Department of Fire and Rescue have collaborated in establishing procedures for quickly responding to medical emergencies on the golf course. The EPC has provided fire and rescue a map of Heritage Hunt showing the golf course and a list of house addresses closest to each tee, green and mid point on all fairways. 911 operators may ask which part of the fairway callers are on, consult the list, and determine where to send the rescuers. When the rescuers appear at the fairway, fellow golfers should guide them to the victim.

The Golf Pro Shop is developing procedures for employees to assure proper support is given to emergency responders in an emergency. Such procedures will include assisting responders in accessing the location of the victim, providing any equipment, such as four wheel motor carts from the golf maintenance facility, and assuring staffing shifts include at least one employee who is properly certified to perform CPR and operate the AED (automated external defibrillator) device located in the Pro Shop.

Finally, the simple directions will be found on the all golf course score cards.

In case of medical emergency

  1. Call 911 immediately
  2. Describe your location and nature of the emergency
  3. Assist victim as directed by the 911 operator
  4. Call the pro shop at 703-743-1000
  5. Assist rescuers in locating the victim

To golfers especially, you can assist in calling for help and saving a life if you follow the directions above and help out in every way when you are needed.