Estate Sales

Estate sales, defined as a sale of the majority of household furnishings owned by the estate of a deceased person or of a resident who is moving, is allowed so long as the sale conforms to the below listed guidelines. An Estate Sale application must be submitted to the HOA Managing Agent at least 72 hours prior to the desired sale date. The following guidelines apply:

  1. Name of the seller and/or professional estate sales agent who will be conducting the sale.
  2. Purpose of sale.
  3. he items for the estate sale will be displayed only in the house and/or in the garage. No items displayed in the driveway, sidewalk or street.
  4. No items owned by others will be allowed to be sold at this sale.
  5. Sale will be limited to three consecutive days in any one calendar year.
  6. Hours limited to 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  7. Exterior signs on the Owner’s property may be displayed during the hours of the Estate Sale. Signs shall have a maximum area of four square feet using the metal frame/devices described below. Directional signs may also be used on common areas during the day of the sale (see Section IV G below).
  8. Estate sale applicant must provide Heritage Hunt Gate with Estate Sale printed sheets of directions on the day prior to the sale. These direction sheets will be handed out to shoppers to direct them directly to the Estate Sale home.
  9. Estate sale applicant must arrange time slots to known prospective buyers so as not to overwhelm the Estate Sale street with cars.
  10. Non-compliance with these rules and regulations may result in early termination of the estate sale.

Click Here to View Estate Sale Application