Sign Policy



Real Estate Signs are permitted as outlined:

For Sale/Rent Signs - When homes are for sale or rent, one realtor or Owner sign is permitted to be placed inside one glass panel of the garage door until the property is sold or rented or removed from the market. If the garage door has no glass panel, this sign may be placed in the front window of the home.

In addition, one realtor or Owner “For Sale/For Rent” sign may be placed in the front yard of the Resident’s property until it is sold or rented or removed from the market. One realtor or Owner “Open House” sign may be placed in the front yard of the property only on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. Signs must be promptly removed on Sunday evening. Balloons, banners, flags, or other moving objects are not permitted.

Criteria for signs:

  • The maximum area of signs is limited to four (4) square feet.
  • Information contained on signs must be consistent with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Realtor signs may be displayed on Resident property using metal frames/devices as shown in the pictures below. Such signs must be set back a minimum of four feet from the front property line.




Realtors may choose to use this type of sign or the previously approved HH sign, but not both.

  • HH approved signs will have either a dark green background and white lettering or white background and black lettering. Use of the HH logo is optional.
  • Only one sign is allowed on the Resident’s property. The sign may be located in the front, side, or rear yard.
  • Realtors/Owners are allowed to display up to two “Open House” signs on a lot during an open house. One sign may be located in the rear yard, including on golf course lots. Realtors/Owners may use virtually any type and color of “Open House” sign they have available that has a maximum area of four square feet using the metal frame/devices described above.
  • Residents who observe signs that do not meet these criteria should report them to the Managing Agent. The Managing Agent should contact the firm/broker/agent or Owner and request that the sign be removed. Signs that are not removed within 24 hours should be removed by the Managing Agent.
  • Signs must be removed from lots within 5 working days after closing.

Real Estate Directional Signs:

  1. Directional signs are small signs placed at intersections in the community to help guide visitors to the homes that are being held “OPEN” for viewing or for Estate Sales. They either have a directional arrow on the sign or the newer versions of the sign may be shaped in the form of an arrow.
  2. Standard Realtor directional signs may be used for Open Houses in Heritage Hunt on Saturdays of Sundays between the hours of 12 noon to 5:00 p.m.
  3. Realtor signs should conform to the VA law governing real estate signs, but should have the name of the Brokerage and office telephone at a minimum.
  4. Directional signs may be placed in the common grounds between the street curb and the sidewalk. Only wire racks are permitted to be stuck in the ground. “A” frame signs which sit on top of the ground will be permitted.
  5. If there is no common ground available to place the sign, the realtor must ask permission to place the directional sign on resident’s property.
  6. Only one directional sign can be placed at an intersection for each Open House or Estate Sale. No directional signs should be placed in the medians between lanes in the Heritage Hunt roads.
  7. These directional signs must be removed within 1 hour after the open house or Estate Sale event concludes. The Realtor holding the open house or entity holding the Estate Sale is responsible for picking up the signs. If they are not picked up, they will be removed by the HOA. Residents should not pick these signs up.